Australian Ultra Violet offers industry leading, Sanuvox air & surface sterilisation systems, to clients who demand the highest quality and reliable UVC systems available.

We ensure your facility is adequately protected 24/7 with systems built to stand the test of time and prolong the life of the air handler.

The patented Sanuvox IL-CoilClean UV Systems are designed to prevent and destroy mold and other microbial growth from growing on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas. The benefits include eliminating biological “blow-off” of bacteria, viruses, spores and odors into the building while maintaining a clean coil eliminating the need for conventional coil cleaning. Typically, bio-film coats the coil reducing heat transfer negatively impacting coil efficiencies, the IL-CoilClean maintains a clean coil maximizing system performance enabling the coil to work at optimum efficiency saving energy.

Sanuvoxs’ High-Intensity 19 mm. T6, Quartz UVC Lamps are designed to not over drive the lamp and offer an additional 44% volume of UV emitting gas compared to it competitor, the T5. This allows Sanuvox to offer a 2 year lamp life. When coupled with High-Output Electronic Ballasts paired to Anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors offering 80% reflection, the IL-CoilClean Series incredibly effective and saves the client money in replacements, fixtures and energy.
By using Anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors, Sanuvox UV IL-CoilClean Purifiers are able to direct virtually all the UV Energy onto the coil without losing UV on the back-end top and bottom of the UV Lamp. The IL-CoilClean Parabolic Reflector maximizes UV energy much the same way a flashlight or a car’s headlight uses a reflector to direct the UV energy where it is needed most, the coil, whilst the UV reflection off the coil sanitises the supply plenum. Using any other UV Lamp / Emitter will result in losing more than half the UV energy from sanitising the cooling coil.

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