Knife Steriliser

Knife Steriliser – UV Butcher Knives Sterilisation

The knife steriliser, “KNIFE SAFE” is a UV sterilisation enclosure for knives and steels or any other food industry, contact hand tool. Units are custom built to client specifications.

Wall Mount application.
316 S/S Enclosure and internal Fittings.
Highly reactive sterilisation chamber.
Removable Mesh Trays.
Key lock and Safety Lock handles for control knives for different work shifts.
Removable knife and steels rack (14 x Knives and 4 x Steels or customised)
Drainage whole.
LED lamp notification system.
Separate power, ballast and electrics console.
Separate ON/OFF isolator and disinfection timer switch.
Polycarbonate inspection windows.
Mirco-Safety switch fitted to door.
2 x High Output T6 Quartz UVC lamps.

Knife safes are designed to your specific needs, for this client we sized for the disinfection of Bacillus Cereus, as other common pathogens such as listeria, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa etc are much easier to disinfect.

To ensure success we calculates the survival time for a specific pathogens at the furthest point from the UVC lamps with-in the KNIFE SAFE.

Knife Steriliser Disinfection Times:
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa – 1 min
Salmonella -1 min
Listeria – 4 min
Bacillus Cereus Spores – 8 min

Contact: Gordon Australian – Ultra Violet Pty Ltd – 07 3733 0907

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