Why Australian Ultra Violet

Australian Ultra Violet is an independent UV solutions provider who isn’t tied to any specific brand or manufacturer, offering us greater flexibility in our product offering and ensuring we offer clients a quality solution.

Indoor Air Quality / Surface Disinfection / Bespoke Builds / Conveyors / HVAC.

Commercial, Industrial, Domestic.

The Science of Ultraviolet

The Sun delivers specific UV wavelengths that destroy and deactivate biological and chemical contaminants that are introduced into the atmosphere. Australian UV Mercury Vapor Ultraviolet Lamps produce the same UV wavelengths the Sun produces. UVC (Germicidal 254 nm) and UVV (Oxidizing 187 nm) produced using pure fused quartz glass are combined into one single UV Lamp/Emitter.
UVC energy attacks the DNA of a living cell, penetrating the cell membrane, breaking the DNA structure of the microorganism, inhibiting reproduction. UVC is effective in destroying biological contaminants and odors such as mold, bacteria and viruses. The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) recommends this method for destroying viruses such as tuberculosis.

UVV (Vacuum UV) is used for Oxidization; this is the portion of the Lamp that destroys chemicals and odors, such as cigarette smoke, VOC’s, diesel fumes, formaldehyde, amongst others. Both UV wavelengths work together to destroy thousands of biological and chemical contaminants that continually circulate within the building’s envelope.

Depending on the application, Australian UV will use UVC, UVV, or a combination of both wavelengths to achieve the desired results.