More than just “blue light”:

UV-C disinfection technology for professionals

With the sterilAir E series a problem solution is available, being HACCP and FDA conform, water resistant, highly flexible and absolutely cost efficient. Different tubes and cable lengths, different installation elements and the possibility to fall back on mono or dual tube systems provides a maximum flexibility.

About Sterilair


Competence in UV-C disinfection

With a market presence since 1939 Swiss born sterilAir AG is one of the worldwide oldest and most experienced companies in the area of manufacturing and development of UV-C disinfection devices and components. Our specific skills are in solution-orientated hygiene concepts that are tailor-made to the relative requirements of individual customers.

The environmentally friendly sterilAir UV-C technology is primarily used for the disinfection of air, surfaces and fluids in- the food industry, air-conditioning equipment, building construction technology, laboratories, medicine and livestock breeding. With the know-how of 75 years of practical application, we can help consumers as well as manufacturers of appliances, building planers and product producers in a technically well-versed and scientifically founded manner.

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Discover the Modular E-Series

The E-series

Surface hygiene plays a central role in many areas. For this reason, UV components are increasingly being integrated directly into the production facilities of the food industry. sterilAir disinfection devices are market-proven industrial components that meet the high demands of the market.

E-series: EC

Our standard

This basic configuration delivers top performance with the usual sterilAir power at all times and is the perfect entry-level device thanks to its compact design, which does not require any other components.

Areas of application:

  • Trolleys in laundries
  • Packaging machines
  • Hygienic gates

E-series: ET

Surface disinfection

This combination enables maximum effectiveness by targeting the UV-C radiation source directly onto surfaces. It doesn’t matter whether it is a conveyor belt, a fermentation cloth or the cooling coil of an evaporator. The protective steel conduit also has a dual function: it protects the integrated UV-C emitter from breakage and also houses a reflector.

Areas of application:

  • Evaporator fins in refrigerated rooms
  • Conveyor belts in your production
  • Sterilization of films and packaging materials

E-series: EX

Kit for air ducts and vessels

With this insertion solution, the UV-C emitters are led directly from outside into a chamber (e.g. air duct) in order to unfold their full potential. Thanks to different lamp types and electronics, the system can be ideally adapted to practically all kind of conditions.

Areas of application:

  • Enclosed air ducts
  • Water tanks and piping systems
  • All kind of vessels

E-series: EQ

Immersed system

This combination has been specially designed for the submerged use in water. The back of the lampholder does not have a plug connection for the supply cable, but the cable is cast in a fixed manner.

Areas of application:

  • Submerged lamps in cooling basins
  • Air washer and cooling towers
  • water reservoirs

Discover Our Range

Conveyor Disinfection

Water Disinfection

Industrial Air Disinfection

In-line Water Disinfection

Surface disinfection systems

Immersion emitters for humidifiers

Industrial UV Air Recirculation Unit

Flow-through systems made of stainless steel

Surface disinfection system

sterilAir T2018 is a revolutionary new belt sterilization system. It was developed together with experts of the meat-processing industry. The system sets new standards in terms of disinfection performance, installation, handling, flexibility, hygiene and maintenance.

Food hygiene without compromise

sterilAir T2018 is pressurised waterproof (IP69K) and can be integrated flexibly and quickly. It impresses with its simplicity, functionality and a perfect hygienic design. The UV-C emitters are shatterproof and thus meet the requirements of the HACCP concept.

What is even more impressive: UV tubes can be replaced in less than two minutes – without dismounting the T2018 system or interrupting your production process.

  • For conveyor belts and wet areas
  • For particularly adverse operating conditions (IP69K)
  • Also capable for heat-sensitive surfaces

Submersible UV emitters

sterilAir AQT immersion systems are ideal components for reliable disinfection of water tanks in humidifiers and cooling towers.

Direct placement in the reservoir does not only effectively disinfect industrial water, but also prevents the build-up of biofilms inside tank and on exposed surfaces.

Into cold water!

The particularly high-grade stainless steel construction of the AQT series, optimised over many years, is waterproof (IP68) even in surface-tension relieved media. For safety, several sealing rings in the sturdy screw fitting provide a detachable connection between the encapsulated high-frequency electronics and the UV-C high-power source.

  • For cooling towers, humidifiers, air cleaners and water tanks
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly

Highly economical solution

After expiration of specified 12,000 operating hours, only the UV-C emitters and sealing rings have to be replaced. Thus, the operating costs are reduced to a minimum. With a power consumption of less than 38 watts and an average operating current of no more but 165mA, the systems UV-C payload of 15 watts is exemplary in its efficiency.

Industrial UV Air Recirculation Unit

sterilAir UVR-4K air disinfection systems serve for air disinfection in rooms with low convection, where direct emission has to be avoided under all circumstances. Typical applications are production, packaging and maturing rooms as well as cold storage areas.

Swiss quality down to the smallest detail

Depending on the specification of the system, the integrated corrosion protected
axial fan has a maximum capacity of up to 700m3/h (standard configuration).

  • Extremely high UV-C dosage
  • Maximum safety due to protective grilles
  • Corrosion free and moist room proof
  • Functional parts made of 316L stainless steel
  • Optimized hygienic design
  • Very easy to maintain

Hovering above your production

As the air in the reaction chamber is subject to turbulent conduction, the UVR-4K with it’s integrated four UV-C high performance emitters is able to apply an extremely high UV-C dose to exposed microorganisms. Thus the UVR-4K even inactivates particularly resistant germs like mould spores.

  • UV-C is ready for use right after installation: during operation, even in hard-to-reach places.
  • UV-C is scientifically proven to kill germs reliably and in next to no time.
  • UV-C is environmentally friendly. It is risk-free in use, both for the operator and the products being processed.
  • sterilAir systems are high-quality products made in Switzerland: sturdy and low maintenance.

Stainless steel flow-through systems

sterilAir AQD-ST series of stainless steel flow-through equipment offer compact small systems with annular geometry up to six-flame UV-C systems with negative irradiation geometry.

All relevant parts of sterilAir AQD-ST consist of a particularly high-grade stainless steel (WN 1.4404/ 316L), which have been additionally double pickled and passivated to increase the corrosion resistance.

Superior technology for sterility

Microorganisms find ideal growth conditions within recirculated water or technical fluids. Chemical disinfectants lead to a number of undesirable side effects, such as changes in surface tension of the medium, corrosion, foam and odour.

UV-C treatment of water does not encounter such problems. It is a purely physical process without chemical residues. At the same time, cost-effectiveness of this disinfection method is impressive.

Shatter protection?
That’s crystal clear!

sterilAir photoreactors are particularly developed for demanding applications, such as protein accumulated brines. The unit is connected to the existing pipe system via the externally threaded nozzles, fitted on one side and at the bottom of the vessel.

There is also no need to worry about a potential breakage of the inserted UV-C tubes: sterilAir offers an innovative special screw fitting (patent pending) for the use of shatter protected UV-C emitters inside the photoreactor.

  • For turbid process, grey and industrial water
  • Especially made for brines
  • Easy to clean and maintain