Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment Systems have been used for more than 50 years in hospitals and various other healthcare industries. With the advent of high-efficiency UV Lamp systems, it is now possible for In-Duct, Coil Mount and Stand-Alone systems to destroy high levels of airborne and surface bio-contaminants. Studies show that Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) cost the healthcare industry 30-40 billion annually and is now considered a preventable injury and is no longer reimbursable. UV systems are the ideal tool to help reduce nosocomial infections.


  • Dramatically improve Indoor Air Quality by destroying airborne bio-contaminants such as viruses and bacteria which may be a leading cause of Hospital Acquired Infections
  • Reduce or eliminate unpleasant odors which may result from outside air or re-circulated air within the building
  • Improve equipment efficiency while reducing energy costs
  • Maintain a clean evaporator coil saving time and resources on coil cleaning
  • Stand-Alone Mobile UV Sterilization Systems (for unoccupied areas) is a simple yet incredibly effective solution for surface and air sterilization
  • Combination UV/HEPA Stand-Alone Systems designed for particulate filtration and UV sterilization
  • Using MERV filters in conjunction with In-Duct UV systems can reduce the need for HEPA filters allowing for lower replacement costs and less static pressure
  • UVC has been tested by the EPA & National Homeland Security
  • A “Green” Technology

In-Duct UV Systems

QUATTRO Light Commercial In-Duct UV Air Sterilization System
Airstream Bio/Chemical Treatment

UV Bio-Wall Commercial In-Duct UV Air Sterilization System
Airstream Bio/Chemical Treatment

Stand Alone UV Systems

MB500GX Ceiling Tile Mount
Treat up to 500 sq. ft. destroying bio-chemical contaminants

S300FX-GX Medical HEPA / UV Sterilization
Portable UV HEPA System w/ 300 CFM blower

S1000FX-GX Filter / UV Sterilization
Stand Alone / Duct Mount UV Filter System w/ 1000 CFM blower

Vehicle, Ambulance, EMS, Military

Interceptor 12V DC Vehicle UV Sterilization
For vehicle, marine & mobile airborne biological sterilization

Coil Clean UV Systems

UV CoilClean Commercial Coil Cleaner
Prevent & destroy mould & bio-film on the coil