Aged Care and Day Care

air purification

Aged Care

With the aging population come very specific needs in order to care for the elderly. Most often the aged suffer from a compromised immune system that cannot easily stay off illness and infection. Institutions that cater to the needs of the elderly are only becoming more numerous as the population ages while improved technologies can be implemented to help protect those who may have a difficult time protecting themselves.

Although airborne disinfection is the number one priority for those who suffer from a compromised immune system, odors can severely impact the air quality of eldercare facilities. Odours such as body odour, urine and fecal odour can migrate through the facility impacting the quality of life for the residence, staff and visitors.

surface and air purification

Day Care

Daycare classes are large with children spending up to 10 hours or more in close proximity of each other. A baby’s immune system is not well developed and even young children are much more susceptible to illness and infection than adults. Airborne concentrations of viruses, bacteria and odors can be much greater in a daycare environment simply due to the number of children within the envelope of the building.


  • Dramatically improve Indoor Air Quality by destroying airborne bio-contaminants such as viruses and bacteria which may adversely affect those who have a developing or compromised immune system
  • Reduce or eliminate unpleasant odours
  • Improve equipment efficiency while reducing energy costs
  • Maintain a clean evaporator coil saving time and resources on coil cleaning
  • Stand-Alone Mobile UV Sterilization Systems (for unoccupied areas) is a simple yet incredibly effective solution for surface and air sterilization
  • Combination UV/HEPA stand-alone systems designed for particulate filtration and UV sterilization
  • In-duct UV systems can address the air quality issues throughout the entire facility
  • UVC has been tested by the EPA & National Homeland Security
  • A “Green” Technology