Hotel and Hospitality

The quality of the air in a hotel room is one of the very first impressions a guest is greeted to upon checking in. Odours, mould and microbial contamination, chemicals, cleaning products and of course tobacco products can adversely impact a hotel room’s air quality negatively affecting a guest’s hotel experience.

Hotel guests are expecting more from their hotels and resorts. What better way to show your appreciation for your customers than to consider their health and well-being. UVC offers a line of UV systems both stand-alone and in-duct UV that are designed to provide the best air quality possible, guaranteeing your guest’s stay is a pleasurable one.


  • Dramatically improve Indoor Air Quality for individual hotel rooms, changing/locker rooms, kitchen and dining rooms, recreational, gym and pool areas as well as common areas within the hotel and/or resort
  • Destroy thousands of airborne contaminants including tobacco smoke, odours, mould, viruses, bacteria, allergens, germs, chemicals and VOCs
  • Reduce or eliminate unpleasant odours which may result from outside air or re-circulated air within the building
  • Provide your guests with a truly “clean room”
  • Improve equipment efficiency while reducing energy costs
  • Maintain a clean evaporator coil saving time and resources on coil cleaning
  • UVC has been tested by the EPA & National Homeland Security
  • A “Green” Technology