Surface Sterilisation

Why is Sanuvox Unique?

Sanuvox has designed, engineered and patented UV systems for different applications. For Airstream Disinfection the air velocities will be moving at hundreds or even thousands of feet per minute. The UV system only has a fraction of a second (milliseconds) to bombard the moving contaminant with UV energy.

In contrast, keeping a coil clean by preventing and destroying mould on the coil (Figure B.) is very different from airstream purification, because the coil as well as the UV system is stationary. The UV system has minutes, hours, days and even months to bask the coil with UV energy, not milliseconds.

This is why Sanuvox designed and patented two different types of UV systems; UV Air Purification and UV Coil Cleaning. Every bio-contaminant requires a specific dose of UV microwatt energy for destruction. Typically, a virus and a spore will be much more resistant to UV energy than a bacteria, and consequently they require a longer exposure time to UV energy in order to achieve the desired destruction rate.


Illustrates the use of the UV Lamp with the aid of an Aluminium Parabolic Reflector (patented).  The reflector also protects the UV Lamp from dirt and bio-aerosols that may coat the UV Lamp (lamp fouling) while maintaining the ideal lamp temperature by preventing the air from striking the lamp causing the lamp to cool and lose efficiency (lamp cooling).