Consider UV Air Sterilisation for Your HVAC Purifiers

Air purification is essential if you’re trying to keep yourself or the other inhabitants of your building healthy. After all, you don’t want airborne pathogens rendering your entire office unable to work right before an important deadline. Similarly, you don’t want your employees or tenants filing a lawsuit against you for unhealthy conditions in your building due to bacteria, spores or viruses in the air. The best way to keep everybody healthy and happy is to make sure that the air in your building is properly purified.

One effective way to do this is to augment your existing HVAC systems with UV air purifiers. UV air sterilisation for HVAC systems is a relatively new technology, but it’s one that has proven to be surprisingly effective in reducing the spread of airborne germs. If you’re looking for a useful product to upgrade your HVAC unit with UV air sterilisation technology, then one company you should consider is Australian Ultraviolet. We have considerable experience in the UV industry and our customers rely on us to do great work when they order air purifiers from us. We’re confident that we can help find a solution to all of your air sterilisation needs.

Hold On: What Is UV Air Sterilisation?

UV air sterilisation works like this: UV lamps producing ultraviolet light at a particular frequency breaks down the DNA or RNA in airborne bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses, destroying their abilities to reproduce or affect human beings. Many studies show that this is an extraordinarily effective way to treat the air in a closed environment, such as an office building. Many UV air purifiers function as add-ons to existing HVAC air circulation systems. The purifiers offered by Australian Ultraviolet are no different, but they are more efficient than just about anything else on the market. Our UV air sterilisation modules for HVAC systems are capable of killing 99.9999% of all airborne germs, leaving the air in your environment perfectly safe to breathe.

Innovative UV Air Sterilisation for HVAC Systems for Individual Customers

We know that every building is different and that every atmosphere has it’s own unique purification challenges. For that reason, Australian Ultraviolet makes a point of building solutions that are uniquely suited to your business or industry. When you consult with us about an air sterilisation system for your building, we’ll discuss all of the finer points with you in detail and create something perfectly suited to the unique needs of your business. Our priority is to make sure that you and the people you work with have all the clean air that you need, and our products are practically guaranteed to make sure that happens.

Visit Australian Ultraviolet online today or call our offices to find out how we can best assist you in cleaning up the air in your building. When your HVAC unit needs UV air sterilisation, you can trust us to make sure that the job is done right and to deliver a quality product.