Improve Every Environment Through UV Bathroom Surface Sterilisation Equipment

The efforts are endless – with your employees always mopping away muck and drenching tiles in bleach. The quest for cleanliness drives them, with every public bathroom demanding a thorough scrubbing. Too often, however, do these quests fail, with the National Centre for Biotechnology Information recently revealing a rise in surface contaminations (and a need for ultraviolet bathroom surface sterilisation). The Centre reports that incidents of droplet pollutants – those carried by evaporation, humidity, sewage aerosolisation, and faecal atomisation – are on the rise, triggering a variety of viral and bacterial strands within public bathrooms. These strands include influenza viruses, astrovirus, rotavirus, parainfluenza viruses, coronaviruses, varicella, and chlamydia. Consistent aerosols and surface-bound contaminations lead to increased infections.

Simple brooms and buckets are no longer enough to counter the spread of toxins. UV bathroom surface sterilisation equipment is instead needed – with targeted rays combating particles and improving public wellness. Australian Ultraviolet provides these rays, connecting our clients to the systems they need. Learn more about our ultraviolet bathroom surface sterilisation equipment by contacting us today via our online form. We’ll happily respond to all questions, comments, or product enquiries.

What is UV Bathroom Surface Sterilisation?

Bacteria lurks in every corner – with toilets, basins, and sticky tiles serving as the ideal breeding grounds for contaminants. Ultraviolet bathroom surface sterilisation is a way to combat these pollutants. Through a comprehensive circulation process – with UV bathroom surface sterilisation equipment releasing concentrated levels of micro-watt energy to deactivate all microbial agents – our system reduces overall bacterial levels by 99.9999%. High-intensity rays leave areas free of droplet pollutants by destroying current spores and preventing the arrival of new ones. This process ensures hygienic environments, with UV bathroom surface sterilisation yielding precise results with every usage. When combined with established cleaning routines, this promotes greater wellness for the public and reduces infections.

Choosing Ultraviolet Bathroom Surface Sterilisation Equipment: Our Applications

The necessity of UV bathroom surface sterilisation proves undeniable, particularly within consumer-related industries. These industries emphasise health, and they demand higher standards of care.

Our ultraviolet bathroom surface sterilisation equipment accommodates a broad range of fields, including hospitals and medical offices, commercial and office environments, hotels and hospitality venues, and community centres (including day care and aged care). We ensure that each area achieves improved air quality, enhanced surface cleanliness, and reduced droplet particle exposure. To learn more about our available ultraviolet bathroom surface sterilisation applications – or to request published studies of our signature UVC system – contact us today.

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You always strive to provide your clients with superior environments. Allow us to help you achieve this goal, delivering UV bathroom surface sterilisation equipment to combat bacterial strands. To learn more about our system (as well as our complementary air purification processes) contact us today. We’ll gladly offer further information about the capabilities of ultraviolet rays and their effects on wellness. Call us on 0452-383-484, or email [email protected].