Chilled & Frozen Food Storage

Chilled and frozen food storage systems have considerable importance in food manufacturing units, restaurants and commercial kitchens. Not only do they help you keep your food fresh for a long time but also destroy pathogenic or spoilage microorganisms. They also slow down the growth of bacteria already in the food.

However, it is often challenging to maintain their cleanliness, resulting in their poor performance. Don’t worry, one great way to keep food storage systems clean, hygienic, and maintenance-free is incorporating UV equipment in your food processing area. UV lamps produce natural ultraviolet rays that are known for their antiseptic and sterilising properties. 

UV equipment has been used at a myriad of commercial spaces because of their extensive cleaning capabilities. It can help you kill bacteria, mould and fungus from your refrigeration and chilling & freezer systems. Not just UV radiation kills or deactivates the growth of the bacteria but also demolishes their DNA.

UV equipment is also helpful in the disinfection of air. It kills moulds and microorganisms that are accountable for spoiling air quality. Remember, bacteria in the air can stick to your chilled and frozen food storage systems and degrade their performance. So, if you want to keep your refrigerator and frozen food storage system efficient, and maintenance-free for a long time, get these UV lamps.