Equipment Sterilisation

Sterilisation of equipment has become an essential process in every industry to keep the growth of microorganisms at bay. Since bacteria are becoming resistant to cleaning agents, sectors like food manufacturing, butchery, and hospitals need an advanced method for equipment sterilisation.

The UV light is an easy yet effective solution to sterilise equipment. It helps in preventing the buildup of bacteria and minimises the chances of diseases being spread from one person to another. Moreover, unlike other sterilisation methods, it does not involve any use of the toxic compound. 

The damaging effect of natural sunlight on bacteria is not hidden now. According to research conducted in 1878 by two English scientists named Downes and Blunt, the multiplication of microorganisms gets minimised when exposed to direct sunlight. Even the latest research reveals that solar radiation under the wavelength range of 320 nm is quite effective in killing bacteria.

The modern UV-C lamps work on the same principle and produce the ultraviolet radiations that kill or inactivate the growth of microbes. They provide the same effect of natural sunlight’s spectrum and put a bactericidal effect on viruses, mildew, yeast, and bacteria. 

Perhaps, this is the reason equipment sterilisation by UV light has become popular in various industries. In the food and butcher industry, UV lamp has proven an excellent way to sterilise food processing area, countertops, conveyor belts, transport containers, etc. Sterilisation kills yeast, bacteria, and viruses in a few seconds and also extends the nutritional value and shelf life of food products. 

Similarly, in the hospital, UV lamps are used to sterilise surgical and medical instruments. As doctors and patients come in contact with the surgical tools more often, sterilisation helps in reducing the chances of diseases circulating from one patient to another. 

According to another study, UV-C lamps can even destroy the hardest to kill the microscopic organism. It would not be wrong to say that the UV lamp is one of the affordable and effective ways to sterilise and make equipment germ and virus free.