Make an HVAC System Safer and More Efficient, with a UV Surface Treatment System from Australian Ultraviolet

If you operate a residential or commercial building, you owe it to your tenants to offer the best indoor air quality possible. Sometimes, though, it can seem as if your HVAC system is working against you in this regard.

At Australian Ultraviolet, we have UV surface treatment systems that can solve this problem. Before we get to the solution, though, let’s try to understand why it is often so difficult to maintain good air quality with your existing HVAC system.

The Problems with Mould Biofilm on Your HVAC Cooling Coils

Over time, the cooling coils of the system’s AHU (or air handling unit, a key system component for regulating air circulation) tend to become covered with a substance called ‘mould biofilm.’ This grimy substance is hard to clean and can have several exceedingly adverse effects on your HVAC system.

For instance, a cooling coil covered with mould biofilm cannot work as efficiently as it is supposed to. When the substance is present on your coils, they have to work harder to maintain the desired cooling temperature throughout the building. As a result, you end up spending more money on energy costs to maintain an optimal temperature throughout your building.

While you will notice the impact of mould biofilm on your expense sheet, your tenants will notice it in the quality of the air. The mould spores present in mould biofilm can cause the air throughout your building to smell musty or otherwise unpleasant. It can also create problems for health and hygiene. Both of these problems are obviously major ones if you hope to maintain your current tenants or draw new ones to your building.

Solve the Mould Biofilm Problem with UV Surface Treatment

So how can you resolve the problem of mould biofilm? In many cases, using the wrong strategies to cleanse dirty cooling coils can make the problem worse rather than solving it. For instance, trying to use detergents or standard cleaning problems on the coils can introduce harmful chemicals into the air or damage the coil itself.

Some of these cleaning products are also flammable, which creates a significant safety hazard within the HVAC system itself. On top of everything, using typical cleaning problems to cleanse a cooling coil doesn’t usually work as a long-term solution, as the mould spores start growing back within a matter of weeks.

At Australian Ultraviolet, we can offer a better solution. We offer UV surface treatments that can add ultraviolet lights to the AHU on your HVAC system. These special UV lights have the power to kill 99.9999% of all airborne bio-contaminants. In other words, they stop mould biofilm before it happens and prevent bacteria and viruses from circulating through the ventilation system.

The results of a UV surface treatment system from Australian UV are numerous. Our systems extend the life of cooling coils by keeping them clean. They reduce energy costs over time by maximising the efficiency of your ventilation systems. Perhaps most importantly, they improve the air quality throughout your building, creating fresher air, healthier spaces and happier occupants.

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