Australian UV Holds the Key to UV Sterilisation for your Food Preparation or Medical Cold Room

Cold rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and especially in hot countries such as Australia people need cold places to keep things cold and fresh, and to protect them from the searing heat of the day. Examples of cold rooms include food storage and …read more.

Ultraviolet Radiation Provides Essential Hospital UV Sterilisation

When we think of hospitals, we imagine places where everything needs to be kept pristine to avoid the risks of infection. Injured and sick people often have open wounds that are particularly susceptible to bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. …read more.

Industry Leading Ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems

Running an office business is tough at the best of times, and globalisation has only added to the competition. By making sure your office is as productive as possible you set your business up for the best chance of success possible. This task is easier …read more.

The System Works! Get UV Air Treatment Systems from Australian Ultraviolet

Viruses and bacteria are all around us. Most people take this for granted, preferring an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to the air they breathe in and out every day. But breathing in the unclean air can get you sick, and cause significant health …read more.

Make an HVAC System Safer and More Efficient, with a UV Surface Treatment System from Australian Ultraviolet

If you operate a residential or commercial building, you owe it to your tenants to offer the best indoor air quality possible. Sometimes, though, it can seem as if your HVAC system is working against you in this regard. At Australian Ultraviolet, we …read more.

Consider UV Air Sterilisation for Your HVAC Purifiers

Air purification is essential if you’re trying to keep yourself or the other inhabitants of your building healthy. After all, you don’t want airborne pathogens rendering your entire office unable to work right before an important deadline. …read more.

The Argument for Ultraviolet: UV Building Air Purifiers and the Clean Air Revolution

Have you thought about going ultraviolet for your building’s HVAC System? Well, some of you might not know what that means, so let’s back up just a little bit. Ultraviolet technology for building air purifiers is becoming more and more common these days …read more.

Counter Contaminations with UV Conveyor Belt Sterilisation Equipment

Contact points are a great concern to Australia’s food industry, promoting cross-contamination and potential consumer illness – but they aren’t the only ones, with each HVAC&R unit threatening airborne assaults, pushing bacterium across the conveyor …read more.

Improve Every Environment Through UV Bathroom Surface Sterilisation Equipment

The efforts are endless – with your employees always mopping away muck and drenching tiles in bleach. The quest for cleanliness drives them, with every public bathroom demanding a thorough scrubbing. Too often, however, do these quests fail, with the …read more.

Independent Testing Proves Ultraviolet HVAC Coil Sterilization Really Works

One of the most crucial issues in industrial or medical cooling and refrigeration is the growth and spread of biological material through the blower system. Most companies deal with this problem by cleaning and disinfecting the HVAC coil. Cleaning the coil …read more.