The knife steriliser, KNIFE SAFE is a UV sterilisation enclosure for knives and steels or any other food industry, contact hand tool. Units are custom built to client specifications.

Knife Steriliser
Knife steriliser


Wall Mount application.
316 S/S Enclosure and internal Fittings.
Highly reactive sterilisation chamber.
Removable Mesh Trays.
Key lock and Safety Lock handles for control knives for different work shifts.
Removable knife and steels rack (14 x Knives and 4 x Steels or customised)
Drainage whole.

LED lamp notification system.
Separate power, ballast and electrics console.
Separate ON/OFF isolator and disinfection timer switch.
Polycarbonate inspection windows.
Mirco-Safety switch fitted to door.
2 x High Output T6 Quartz UVC lamps.

Knife steriliser
Knife Steriliser
Knife Steriliser
Knife Steriliser
Knife Steriliser

Knife Steriliser Disinfection Times:
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa – 1 min
Salmonella -1 min
Listeria – 4 min
Bacillus Cereus Spores – 8 min

Contact: Gordon Australian – Ultra Violet Pty Ltd – 07 3733 0907