UVC disinfection for HVAC coils

UVC is a green technology that not only disinfects the air, but saves you money in annual cleaning and maintenance costs.

Below are before and afters images of an Air Handling Unit, taken 13 months apart. Prior to the installation of UVC the air handling unit required annual cleaning due to adverse conditions associated with plant room configuration. Not only were the annual cleans a costly exercise, they damaged the coil itself, damaging fins with high pressure cleaners.

Sanuvox UVC

UVC for HVAC systems

In 2015 the facility took the initiative to install UVC systems in conjunction with the annual cleans, this was initially done in an attempt to try to overcome mould issues with their problematic AHUs.

As clearly depicted in the images below, mould and contaminant are no longer an issue for this and many other AHU’s. As a result UV has been rolled out across the entire facilities HVAC systems saving them thousands of $$ in labour and energy costs through improved heat transfer.

These savings have now been redirected to upgrading other components with-in the facilities HVAC systems.

A facilities HVAC system is often refereed to as the lungs of a building, help ensure you’re breathing clean-air with UVC on your cooling coils. Providing the Ultra Violet solution has been designed specifically for your HVAC system correctly, every facility and tenant can benefit from a healthier working environment with lower running costs.

These are the closeups of the coils before cleaning and installation of UVC.


These images show the equipment 13 months after cleaning and UVC installations.

2 years after that machines still clean.